The Concept behind Syrup Sandwiches ?

About Us

Syrup Sandwiches have been around for decades. . For thousands struggling throughout the poorer communities and financially struggling to meet the basic needs, "Syrup Sandwiches" became a delicacy and fan favorite for kids.(Shout out to legendary Hip Hop icon Kendrick Lamar before we get started)

Syrup Sandwiches represent "the struggle", from where many of us have come (whether you've eaten them or not). While many of us may have reached a level of success, the mass majority still find ourselves in the middle facing roadblocks, setbacks, frustration, and inhibitors blocking us from reaching our goals. For many, our goals seem unattainable and we consider giving up. While many issues are usually internal, its hard not to find ourselves deeply affected by social issues deep-rooted in our society on top of it. We understand and its often overwhelming, yet here we are. I believe each of us must remember the "syrup sandwiches" of our past and use it as motivation for a successful future. When others often share those darkest times and highest hurdles along with their solutions, plans of actions and their victories have helped me turn my life around.

Our Mission:

Syrup Sandwiches was created to spotlight individuals and their success stories to give some hope to those that may need it. Success comes in many forms, not all necessarily financially. Many of our featured guests have overcome social issues such as racism, discrimination, addiction, sexism and more. Despite dealing with these issues, we are here to celebrate their victories throughout and they appear on our episodes to share with you.

As a Founder of "Syrup Sandwiches", I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I actually work full time as a graphics artist, and website designer. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I love my family, basketball, food, old school hip hop and helping others. I enjoy putting a smile on other people's faces, and even getting them to laugh if possible. I grew up pretty middle class, great education from private school, travelled around the US, and even abroad. I lived a good life and was an only child until about age 12. Now, currently as a black man in my mid 40's, "on paper" I grew up very blessed, fortunate and all my needs were met along with most of my wants.

As the other Founder of "Syrup Sandwiches", I battled with addiction issues which runs in my family. I often felt abandoned as my biological father disappeared and I only recall seeing him about 4x in my life at this point. I moved around quite a bit as a youth, and was raised in various parts of Los Angeles, California. Like many, I was affected by various emotional and mental issues, that many minority children are deal with and "acted out". I've had my share of encounters with LAPD, and I found myself getting arrested often, chasing "fast money", weapons, drugs and always looking for an easy "come-up". I was even called a "Menace to society" by the judge once, and banned from the city of Atlanta, Georgia for a year which I didn't even know was possible. Overall, I was a nightmare who burned all bridges, and found myself dealing with some individuals that were No nonsense. Honestly, I was surprised to still be alive when I reached age 25. Luckily, in my mid 40's, I'm still alive through it all.

There's only One Founder of "Syrup Sandwiches". It's Me... I've lived Two Lives in One Lifetime as both paragraphs above tell the story of a small portion of where I've come from and where I am now. You can call me Gary Don. I tell people: Jobs and Police called me Gary. My closest friends and family called me Donny. You can call me either. I created this website because I'm deeply affected by what's happening to our youth, mainly minorities in our society. My goal is to leave this earth a better place by just doing a small part. Many look at my story as a success story. It wasn't all me, as God plays the biggest piece for me, but I am deeply humbled when people share that I've helped them in some small way. I feel that if we can share our stories with others, and how we did it then we are doing a small part. If I can help one person turn their life around then I've done my part and I invite you to do the same.

Gary Don Hackett